Triboseat Triumph Speed Triple R (2016-2018)


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  • The worlds first anti-slip motorcycle Passenger seat cover offers unparalleled grip and stability, transforming the ride for both Passenger and Rider by removing the irritating problem of head butting and body slamming that are caused by having a slippery seat giving both the Rider and Passenger a much better two up riding experience.
  • Key Features

  • Ultra Grippy Seat Cover gives a feeling of being anchored to the seat, for an enhanced sense of security.
  • Reduces muscle strain on arms and legs by preventing “Passenger Sliding” during manoeuvres.
  • Gives the Passenger more confidence to go with the bike enhancing ride experience.
  • Reduced impact on riding style when taking a Passenger.
  • Helps to prevent helmet clashing and body slamming.
  • Tailored fit designed to fit the specific model and year of each bike.
  • Easy to fit the simple yet precision made design allows for contoured fitting with no additional modifications or stapling to your existing Passenger seat.
  • High quality Anti-Slip material, which reduces the sliding that Passengers experience under braking and acceleration.
  • Stability Triboseat makes the Passenger feel more planted and significantly improves the quality of the ride for both Rider and Passenger.
    • The Triboseat is made of a BESPOKE high tech robust material that is not available in the shops. Each Triboseat that is produced is HANDMADE individually for every customer by a skilled machinist. Its simple yet the precision made design allows for contoured fitting We make the Triboseat in BLACK only and we recommend that you change your Triboseat every year. Decide not to Slide and buy our unique anti-slip Passenger seat cover that will transform your ride instantly.
    • “a must have for two up biking”

1 review for Triboseat Triumph Speed Triple R (2016-2018)

  1. Tom

    Great product. Used on other bikes previously. Just bought a speed triple S, and the first ride out with the Mrs on the tiny seat had her constantly sliding into me under braking. This product has made a world of difference & I would fit to any bike I was planning to pillion with.

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Triumph Speed Triple R 2016 - 2018