Welcome to Triboseats ‘About us’ page.


Triboseat is the invention of a small team of dedicated bikers, established since 2002.


Our unique patented motorcycle accessory was developed to provide ultra-grip, stability, individually designed and model specific, easy fit, and value for money to benefit both passenger and rider by stopping the slide when you ride..


The trademark Triboseat® was derived from the word ‘Tribology’ which is the study of friction .


We at Advanced Seating Technology are always researching and developing our product and have now extended our range to the Triboseat Rider which is a generic, one size fits all, grippy pad that offers the same ultra-grip for the rider to prevent the untimely clash into the tank!!!!  There are other products in the pipe-line which is very exciting for us and we are sure for our existing and future customers.


From the onset our aim was to get the Triboseat established in the UK and then branch out into Europe, ultimately reaching out to the bikers worldwide which we are fast achieving!


Triboseat is made for bikers by bikers who understand the culture and needs of  fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and their passengers.


The testimonials will confirm our commitment to our customers and our policy of providing a high quality, effective, value for money product.


Thankyou for taking the time to read about us – The Triboseat Team

triboseat on rizla bike

In 2004 were sponsors of Crescent Rizla Suzuki with John Reynolds being British Superbike Champion 2004.