Remove passenger seat. If the seat is fitted with a grab-strap
remove it from the seat before fitting the cover (models of bikes
may vary). For seats without a grab strap please follow the
instructions up to replacing grab-strap.


Place the Triboseat on a flat surface and place the seat top side
down on to the Triboseat, ensuring that there is enough material to
gather under the seat when the draw string is tightened.



The Triboseat is designed to fit under the grab-strap (where present)
so please ensure the front edge of the Triboseat will be
under the grab-strap when replaced. Pull the draw strings. this is
best achieved by tying a half-knot to provide even tension.



The draw string should then be anchored behind an available
lug or moulding on the underside of the seat ensuring that the tension
is sufficiently tight to ensure a good fit, then finish with a secure



Once the knot is secured, smooth out the edges of the



Replace the grab-strap ensuring the Triboseat is secured behind
the grab-strap securing bolts.